Vote #BDWP for SBOC Best Rookie Blog Award

A little healthy blogger competition never hurt anyone, right?

I began my Saturday morning a little too early for my liking (around 8 a.m.-ish…don’t ask) and opened my laptop to find that I have been nominated for a Style Bloggers of Color Award in the category of Best Rookie Blog.

How exciting to see that I am on my way to receiving that fabulous crown, that shining trophy, or whatever they give bloggers for winning awards these days.

I’m honored to be nominated and in the company of such talented blogettes in the runnings with me.

So, vote for “Before the Devil Wore Prada” here and tell a friend to tell a friend to vote. Simple.

We have until May 29 to make this happen. If they do give me a crown, I’ll give everyone who voted little pieces…you know, like in Mean Girls.

Thanks for your vote in advance!



As always, like, share, and comment…and most importantly, vote #BDWP here!

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