The Inaugural Dallas Stiletto Stampede for the Cure

As of Thursday, May 24, 2012, I can now say that I’ve witnessed dozens of women braving the 100 yard dash in bright pink stilettos, all in the name of breast cancer awareness.

Appropriately named the “Stiletto Stampede for the Cure,” the high heel dash was founded in 2009 in Austin, Texas by a group of women who shared a passion for improving the overall health of their community through breast cancer education and awareness.

Three years later, the Stiletto Stampede has been experienced all over Texas, including Waco and Austin. And this time, the women of Dallas were able to do their part in tackling breast cancer at their inaugural Stiletto Stampede for the Cure.

The stampede began on Luther Lane in front of Beautyfirst Studio, and ended just before reaching the front doors of Tootsie’s, a full line specialty apparel and accessory store in Dallas’s Plaza at Preston Center. Those who registered early received a free pair of pink stilettos (complete with the breast cancer logo) and a commemorative Stiletto Stampede tank. Awesome goody bags, stuffed with coupons, samples and discounts, were also provided by Beautyfirst Studio.

Next, the ladies jammed and stretched their legs at the race prep, led by Equinox Fitness Clubs. Equinox’s pre-race warm up—because to successfully run in heels, one must be limber—was just what the ladies needed to get loose before the race began.

And then, it was race time. The ladies (and gentlemen) lined up behind the mark, and at the sound of the gun (there may or may not have been a gun) made their way to the finish line, one way or another.

Some sprinted, [see here for the Stiletto Stampede Start]

…some strolled,

…and others made a statement.

But either way, everyone made it.

And then we marched across the street for the Tootsies Post Party, where we continued the celebration with free food (I indulged in the guilt-free cookies provided by Biosanes), drinks, fun, and fashion.

And speaking of fashion, my favorite ensemble of the evening was worn by Amy Espinosa, Floor Manager at Tootsies. This pink dress was adorable and her bangs are flawless.

I am the biggest fan of live tweets, photos, and posts from events, so I could appreciate the photo booth as well.

#BDWP live from the #stilettostampede event at Tootsie's... on Twitpic

@_ess_elle_ess_: #BDWP live from the #stilettostampede event at Tootsie's in Dallas!

It’s the glamorous approaches to fighting diseases and promoting awareness that I most enjoy. When we can all come together for one common and significant goal, and then highlight that goal in a fashionable manner, there is no other place I’d rather be.

[Proceeds from the Stiletto Stampede for the Cure benefit local Susan G. Komen Affiliates throughout Texas, as well as outreach education and rehab programs developed by the Stiletto Stampede organization.]

See below for event photos! I had a ball at the Stiletto Stampede. Dallas showed me an amazing time, and I wish I could’ve stayed longer. Until next time, D-town :)

Love, S.

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